Antenatal Breastfeeding Class

antenatal breastfeeding class

This 2 hour class will give you the detailed knowledge, skills and confidence you need for breastfeeding success in those vital days, weeks and months after your baby's birth. Our breastfeeding class provides up-to-date information and education for breastfeeding your baby and parenting support during your important fourth trimester

Labour and Birth Antenatal Class

antenatal classes

Your detailed guide to labour, birth preparation and coping tools needed for that important fourth trimester. This class provides you will all the essential information and education you need to go into labour and your parenting journey feeling educated, empowered and relaxed. Our one-on-one classes focuses on tailoring the class to suit your journey. 

Guide to a Healthy Pregnancy 

private midwife perth

This class is designed to educate and support you, your growing baby, and your family support system (your partner) both physically and emotionally throughout your pregnancy. 

Guide for the Expectant Partner Class

antenatal support

During this class you will have the opportunity to talk about any issues that are on your mind in relation to becoming a new parent and what you may expect of yourself. As a new parent-to-be you will learn about babies and how to look after them, yourself and most importantly how to support your partner as she heals from birth or through her parenting journey. Our class will also help you prepare you on how to support your partner through her pregnancy, labour, birth and breastfeeding stages. 

Parent First Aid Class

parent first aid class perth

Parent's first aid class is a hands-on class for new parents, or soon-to-be parents who would like some education and hands on skills on what to do if their child is ever in an emergency situation.

Our classes are held for both parents or as a family group (no more than 10 per group) in the comfort of your own home. Having this class in your own home allows us to design our emergency scenarios based on your home situation and surroundings. We believe this is an extremely important tool as it allows perspective for everyday real-life scenarios.