*Please note: These are non-medical face masks. Face Masks are currently mandatory in some states of Australia* (February 2021). We are currently producing standard face masks that can aid in protecting you and the community as we tackle the Covid-19 pandemic. Face masks aim to protect you and others in public, by providing a respiratory barrier to restrict the spread of infected droplets in the air. Our reusable masks are constructed with three layers of 100% cotton fabric to create a more effective protective barrier. 

Character Face Mask

  • Washing your mask

    Fabric/cloth masks should be washed after each use. Cloth masks re-used without being washed can become contaminated and may not protect you.

    Cloth masks are machine washable. Wash your mask in hot water (60°C). Wash your mask with soap or laundry detergent. Do not use bleach.

    *Always wash your hands with soap and water immediately after washing your mask.*

    Dry your mask before re-using it. If possible, lay your mask out flat to dry in direct sunlight.

    Do not tumble dry

    • Small - Suitable for children up to 12 (Approx 17cm wide across face)
    • Medium - Teens and Adults (Approx 22cm wide across face)
    • Large - Adults (Approx 26cm wide across face)