Are you suffering from tender breasts from pregnancy, breastfeeding or from breast surgery? These magical little breast pads are designed to fit comfortably around your breasts to help relieve your discomfort.


Each pack contains:

2 x gel bead breast packs

2 x cotton sleeve inserts


How to use the breast pack:

COLD THERAPY: Place in freezer without disposable sleeves for approximately 2 hours or submerge in icy water until desired temperature is achieved.


HEAT THERAPY: Submerge in hot water without the sleeves or microwave for 10-20 seconds. Heat in additional 5-second increments until desired temperature is achieved. Always test temperature before placing the pack on your breast.


Place the breast pack in the protective sleeves provided and place directly on your breasts. Apply for the medically recommended time of 20 minutes.


CLEANING: Wash the breast packs with warm soapy water. Sleeves can be washed by hand or washing machine. Do not tumble dry.

The Gentle Village Breast Therapy Pads