My Birth Preference List

My Birth Preference List

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Our Birth Preference List is a written list of what you and your support person would like to have or do to make your labour and birth more comforting, physically and emotionally.

Our Birth Preference list will help you and your support person be more involved in decisions about your care and help you prepare for your big event. It can also help fathers or birth partners, who can use the birth plan to advocate for you during labour, especially if you have prepared the birth plan together.

Our list includes things like who you’d like to be with you in labour, what position you’d like to give birth in and what your pain relief or non-pharmacological relief options you are open to. This is a good way to let your midwife or doctor know what kind of care you’d like in labour, birth and afterwards (if possible), and if you’re planning to breastfeed.

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