Pregnancy Support Perth

Our Midwifery Services 

Our In-Home Midwifery care services are available to help support you during pregnancy and you and your baby during your postnatal journey, through experienced support and education to assist you and your family through pregnancy and beyond. 

We are also able to offer you Medicare Rebates during your pregnancy and up to 6 weeks following the birth of your baby!

* Medicare Rebates are available for our patients requiring a lactation consultant within 6 weeks following the birth of your baby *

Antenatal Care 

We are more than happy to offer you antenatal care following confirmation of your pregnancy, with a referral from your GP or as a self-referral.


 Our highly experienced midwives can order all your pregnancy related tests and ultrasound scans and organise your booking referral to your local hospital. If you prefer, you can also continue to see your GP throughout your pregnancy, as a shared care option. 

Our services are all performed in the comfort of your home allowing you with opportunities to ask any questions or concerns that you may have throughout your pregnancy. We offer continued support, education and guidance during pregnancy and postpartum to ensure that you feel informed throughout your parenting journey.

If any complications may arise during your pregnancy, we can provide you with a referral to a specialist GP/Private Obstetrician, who will determine whether transfer to hospital care is indicated.


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Postnatal Care

The Gentle Village understands that following your hospital discharge, your new life can suddenly seem very challenging, daunting and perhaps even scary.


Home visits can be arranged following discharge from your hospital, whether you birthed in a public or private setting. We offer continuous and flexible home visit appointments, as we know that more than a couple of appointments, is not appropriate postnatal care. Our Midwives are also qualified Lactation Consultants, and therefore can provide you with holistic care to assist you and your baby during your healing and breastfeeding journey.


We also collaborate with wonderful health services to provide you with appropriate holistic care. Please visit our collaborative services page to see our wonderful team that we collaborate with. Please note - their prices differ as they are their own private entity. 

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Postnatal Care Perth