"I reached out to Brenda after receiving conflicting and confusing advice from other health professionals, and I am so thankful. Brenda is kind, professional, supportive and clear with her advice. She answered my questions and made me feel like she really listened to my situation, while supported me with all my options. I would have no hesitation recommending Brenda!"

Rachael  - December 2020

"After a rough start to my breastfeeding journey a friend recommended I get in touch with Brenda. I can honestly say I think I would have given up on breast feeding my brand new baby girl if it hadn’t been for Brenda. She is so kind, caring and above all gentle - which is exactly what I needed in a time where I felt so fragile. I will be encouraging all my new Mum friends to reach out to The Gentle Village if they have any doubts or concerns about breast feeding. Thank you so much Brenda"

Caitlin  - February 2021

Brenda is absolute magic. She swept in when I was at an absolute low, struggling desperately with a 4 week old baby who couldn’t latch. Brenda was kind, knowledgeable and treated me and my baby with empathy and respect. Brenda gave me the confidence to persevere and practical skills to help my baby but most of all she listened to my struggles with genuine kindness which was exactly what I needed. Thank you!!

Erin - July  2021

I definitely recommend Brenda for any lactation support. I felt like the support I have been given far outweighs the fee i paid. it was

comprehensive and ongoing. I felt totally at ease with Brenda in an obviously stressful and vulnerable position. I was brushed off in the past about a lip/tongue tie and Brenda confirmed what I suspected was wrong and it's such a relief to have a medical professional listen and HEAR me as a concerned mum

Thank you Brenda

Fiona - July 2021

I recently booked in to see Brenda for a lactation consultation in the hope of finally getting my newborn to latch following a tongue tie revision at 7 weeks old. Brenda's service and support in our consult and follow up has been amazing already and I cannot even compare her to any of the other midwives or lactation consultants I have seen previously for my issues. Thank you Brenda! I really appreciate all the time and patience you had for us and truely believe with your help we will have bugs exclusively breast feeding in no time! The first professional who has actually made me believe in myself and given me the confidence I need to move forward with a clear and direct plan. Highly recommend, 5 stars! Xx

Carolyn - July 2021

"At 33 weeks I took the Labour and Birth Antenatal Class with Brenda from the Gentle Village and I cannot recommend this workshop enough for expecting parents. In the comfort of our own home, Brenda talked my husband and I through the stages of labour, what to expect, pain management techniques and a whole number of other topics to help us prepare for the birth and caring for a newborn. As a first time mother, I had a lot of questions some of which I am sure were a bit silly but Brenda was so lovely and kind with her answers. It was like having an experienced friend over to talk me through my thoughts and expectations. I chose to do this course because I didn't feel comfortable with the online ones provided via the hospital, I really wanted to sit down with someone and talk to them directly, asking questions when they occurred to me. I am planning on water birthing and Brenda was able to address this directly which was so beneficial for my husband and I. After the class I felt so comfortable with Brenda that I immediately started thinking how great it would be to have her support me at my birth. Unfortunately she doesn't offer that service yet but I will certainly be using her postnatal care services once bub has arrived."

Tahlia - November 2021

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