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The Gentle Village strongly believes in the wisdom of community support (the village) needed for raising and nurturing a mother and baby for this world. Village life fosters a sense of safety, inclusivity, purpose, acceptance, and importance. All of which is needed to thrive and nurture a person. Unfortunately, that village, seems to be lacking for most families in today's society. In the absence of the village, it is the mother who appears to struggle the most. This can impact on a mothers sense of self, her health, both physically and mentally. That is why, at The Gentle Village, we will provide you with pregnancy and postnatal health services, education and support throughout your parenting journey. 

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Pregnancy Support in Perth for Expectant Parents

We understand the challenges that being pregnant brings, whether it’s your first or not; each pregnancy is unique and comes with its own experiences. We are firm believers in community or village support for raising a child and supporting parents, especially mothers. A mother’s sense of self and her mental and physical health impact her ability to care for her family, so we’re here to be your village. We provide you with complete pregnancy support in Perth and access to postnatal health services and education.

What Our Antenatal Support Classes Cover

Those nine months of pregnancy are extremely daunting for parents, especially for first-time parents. We offer several antenatal classes to provide you with plenty of information to help guide you through the process. Our courses cover pregnancy, labour, birth, breastfeeding, and first aid. Our classes take place in the comfort of your home with you and your partner and other immediate family members if you would like. With our lessons being one-on-one, we can personalise them to suit your family.

  • Our Guide to a Healthy Pregnancy Class covers the changes you and your baby will undergo and advice on nutrition, exercise, and emotional wellbeing. The class also covers possible side effects or complications and how to cope with them. We guide you with how to physically and emotionally prepare for labour, birth, and parenthood.

  • At our Labour and Birth Antenatal Class, we focus on preparing you with what to expect throughout the fourth trimester, labour, and birth. We explain your emotional and physical recovery afterwards, how to foster your emotional wellbeing, and provide tips to sustain and grow the bond with your partner.

  • We also offer antenatal breastfeeding courses, postnatal lactation consultations, first aid classes for new and expectant parents, and one-on-one classes for the expectant partner.

How Can Our Pregnancy Support Benefit You and Your Family?

We are here to provide you with the village support that is lacking for many families these days. If you are fortunate enough to have a support structure, we are still here to help during and after your pregnancy. We offer a selection of antenatal classes that include a breastfeeding course, but our help with breastfeeding does not end here; we also have a lactation consultant to help you and your newborn during those first days.

  • Our experienced and qualified midwives will arrange all your pregnancy-related tests, ultrasound scans, and hospital booking. Our midwives do check-ups in the comfort of your home.

  • We work closely with a nutritionist who is available to help our clients with nutritional advice and support during pregnancy and postnatal.

  • Pregnancy puts much strain on your body, especially in the last trimester. We collaborate with Women’s Health Physiotherapists who provide physio care in the comfort of your home. We also work closely with a qualified remedial massage therapist to administer massages that can ease muscle tension, improve circulation, and ease the common pregnancy discomforts.

Postnatal Support That The Gentle Village Provides

We understand that the challenges are just as stressful after childbirth, so we continue to provide postnatal care, lactation consultations, sleep support for babies and toddlers, babysitting services, and referrals to paediatricians.

Feel free to contact us to find out more or to book one of our services or classes.