By experienced Lactation Consultants (IBCLC)

At your consultation, your Lactation Consultant will discuss with you your issues and concerns and develop an individualised plan, tailored to your needs. Following your initial consultation, we offer you phone support for 7 days, to ensure you and your baby receive all the support you need.  Every experience is different and as such personalised care has been proven to create positive outcomes. 

Initial issues of concern are commonly, sore nipples and latch issues, weight gain concerns and anything ongoing that can affect your establishment of comfortable and relaxed breast feeding. At times, regardless of the age of your baby, other areas of concern arise or issues maybe ongoing and therefore need to be addressed, to enable you to continue your positive breast feeding journey. Our Lactation Consultants are also highly experienced in tongue-tie assessment and management for breastfeeding. 

Not sure if you need to see a Lactation Consultant? Send us a message or book online your free 10 minute phone consultation, to discuss your concern and see how we can help you!

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